Shadowrun Returns!

I was a huge fan of the old Shadowrun game for SNES when I was a kid. Based on the tabletop RPG, Shadowrun was a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi and its cyberpunk aspects were way ahead of its time. When I heard there was a Shadowrun game coming out for the Xbox 36o I was extremely stoked. Disappointment abounded when the game turned out to be a First Person Shooter instead of an RPG. Granted it was an innovative shooter, but it touched on NONE of the aspects or storylines that made Shadowrun great.

Fast forward to today and I’m stoked once more as a REAL version of Shadowrun is on the horizon and due out for PC and iPad at the end of July. Take a look at the gameplay footage for Shadowrun Returns. It’s got everything I remember (and then some!) and the addition of a full editor is one of the best decisions the design team could have possibly made. If you’re a fan of Shadowrun, whether it was the SNES game or the original tabletop RPG, it’s hard not to be excited for this.

This is exactly the game that I was expecting when the 360 version was announced. And it only took six years…


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